December 20, 2018

Workshops and Trainings


The problem-solving sessions are excellent. You have solved all our queries in a very satisfied manner. I am very thankful for that.

The knowledge we gathered here was very useful in future to deal with kids with autism, ASRS was too good.

Thanks once again.


The workshop was fantastic. I have learned a lot more than I expected. It was completely a knowledge-rich session. I wanted more demo sessions & more task so that I know how its applied in a practical manner.

I also want more ASR's as they help in testing my knowledge as HW that I've learned. But overall the session was very good as ma'am explained everything nicely and solved every single doubt of our patiently.

(Sandwich technique was on point)


It was very helpful because I could actually relate what I learned in the daily routines. 

The role play method was the best technique because it helps in applying our understanding of the theory. 

The ASR's were helpful as it made me aware of where I m going wrong.


Swar Bijlani

The training and sessions were very innovative.

Roshni ma'am is a very sweet and very excellent speaker.

Nikita Gandhi

I would like to say that I really like the workshop conducted by Roshni Ma’am. She has always answered our questions without hesitating for the time, The knowledge what she shared are really working with my children in the sessions. I would like to recommend that please conduct this course in different areas so that there will be more awareness.

I would recommend only one thing if she shows some real videos of it. I would like to work under her supervision in the future.

Thank you.


I liked the workshop and the way it was conducted by you. Looking forward in using for children with Autism.

Really understood the difference between what actually a reinforcer is.


The workshop/ course conducted was very helpful. There were a lot of valid examples and situations discussed that I have personally faced during classes and sessions and the solution/ actions to be taken to help resolve, reduce or stop a certain behaviour was explained in an amazing way. I have also learnt a lot of about ABA. The knowledge that the orator provided was remarkable.

Thank you.

Alisha Palanpurwala

It was a worthwhile experience. Enjoyed learning through interaction and wanted to look forward to every session. Have got to learn a lot and look forward to a second level soon. Thank you for the amazing experience.

Priyadarshini Jalgi

It is moving one step ahead in terms of handling sessions or challenging behavior.

Lot of inputs at thinking level. Explanation was relevant and simplified.


I have learned so many things from these sessions. I am just a parent and wanted to connect with you and for my kid. Thanks for the training. Really worth it. Immediately applicable also. I found it really insightful and helpful.

Roshni ma’am is a really good instructor. Please start your branch in Pune.

Sakina. D

The workshop was very informative. Lots of queries are resolved. Roshni Ma’am you are a very good orator. Looking forward for the next level training. Would love to get more of the study material hand outs

Also, would appreciate if you can conduct the training in Pune.


A beautiful journey of 4 Saturdays. A cozy and a friendly environment to learn. One to one interaction, group activities, mock sessions made it a “Comprehensive learning”

Looking forward for next level and next courses in the future.


Your knowledge of the subject and suggested techniques are definitely commendable. Your delivery of the content was also great, as you always ensured everyone was on the same page. I admired the insights you had with some of our discussed cases.

Mailthilee Alshi

Autism and ABA Therapy course level 1 was a very interesting and interactive experience.

Roshni (the speaker) has in depth knowledge of her subject and her calm and pleasant personality made the overall experience of the course was very enjoyable.

Thank you.

All the best.


It was a really awesome experience. Al the information I learned during this course has really helped me widen my knowledge on these two topics. It was really enthralling to learn with other professionals. I love the way Roshni Ma’am taught the course.

Thank you.


Dr. Prakash Kathe

The Autism and ABA Therapy- Level 1 seminar (workshop) was excellent with well planned, organized and detailed analysis of each and every point.

I learned many things about ABA therapy with practical knowledge and plenty of case studies.

Theoretical knowledge and and with immediate implementation into practical and case studies was excellent.

Teaching with question and answer method boosts learning which I experienced in this workshop.


The course was very informative and I enjoyed all the sessions. The role playing sessions and examples used were very useful for understanding. Being trained and working under Roshni ma’am and enrolling for the course, gave me a platform to discuss and learn, re-learn all the concepts again. Looking forward for level 2


I understood so much information about Autism and ABA. It will help me in the future.

Group sessions also helps to understand child history and behavior. It’s my good luck that I’m working under you and gaining more knowledge about everything related to work and personally helps also.

Thank you Ma’am for adding me in the SILVER LINING CENTRE FAMILY.

Mughda Wahg Shaan

Excellent material presentation, superb example and self-study in groups to clear each concept. Immediate clarification of doubts. Amazing grasp of concept and explaining for clarification of each small step. 

Thank you for arranging this opportunity to learn about ABA. Please keep me posted about all courses and further levels of ABA.

Imraya. S

Definitely, a positive reinforcer to attend further classes. 

Really appreciate the fact that you have an online forum too for the same. it was interactive and not a one-way dialogue.

Agravat Prakash

The workshop was very helpful. ABA. Roshni Ma’am is very good at conducting and explaining about ABA Therapy. Best wishes to her.

Agravat Sharada

The workshop was very informative. Lots of queries are resolved. Roshni ma’am you are very good.


The sessions were productive and understandable! the way every concept was done with an activity made the things clear, so keep it up! The sessions were done quite well. A lot of learning happened! Very well designed.


It’s a good experience and practical situation you are giving was such a good thing. Keep on doing that exercise.

Please make creatives of the feedbacks that are highlighted only.