February 19, 2018

Parents Testimonials

Mother of our Student
My child has started singing along with the song ‘main Tera boyfriend ‘ and enjoying it completely and matching her voice exactly the same time as it comes in the song. She tries even to match the low and high pitch thing. I’m very happy with her improvement and hope to be even more surprised in the future with ABA and Speech and Expressive Arts therapy.
Mother of our Student
Roshni is an exceptionally brilliant and determined ABA therapist who has been working on my child since last 6 months. My daughter has shown remarkable improvement in speech and behaviour through ABA therapy and is able to understand abstract concepts and communicate effectively. Her learning curve has been very steep with the help of therapy as I see her improving every day.
Father of our student

Our daughter was diagnosed to be on ASD at a relatively early age and we had gone with the conventional advice of OT, ST and other such therapies. Though these therapies helped to a certain extent, but it was frustrating to see no lasting change – stop the therapy and it got worse. Then we discovered ABA and all the materials – good and bad – around it. It left us confused as to the effectiveness of this therapy and were particularly worried about the lack of therapist, especially in Mumbai. Means, we did not have much to go on. Then was introduced to Roshni and she went a long way in explaining us the process, the science behind it and we decided to take a chance – afterall nothing else was working anyways. It was a tough decision as going for ABA meant consolidating all therapies under one roof and opting out of school. But it has worked wonderfully. Today (6 months later) I am happy I took this decision – we see marked change in her along with regular progress. Though I believe it’s only early days and we have a long distance to go, every passing day gives us more confidence, and especially under Roshni’s care – don’t think it would have been possible without her personally. Rarely you find such a gifted and passionate person trying to help. Many thanks Roshni.

Parents of our student

Our son was born overseas and due to great awareness and early detection mechanisms of autism in western countries, a number of red flags were brought to our notice when he was around 15 months old. It took us a couple of months to reach the decision to bring him to India for his therapy and the search for the most suitable therapy and centre began. After meeting several specialists, and post our own research, we reached a consensus of undertaking the ABA approach as it is the most scientific and proven therapy method at the moment. We met Roshni and she gave us an overview of what she could offer. We were more than happy with the centre, its facilities and the program offered. As our son’s therapy progressed we were grateful for his therapist and the level of involvement and commitment she displayed to bring about the desired outcomes from our child. Inspite of his tender age, our son is showing great improvements in his behaviour and his ability to communicate simple things to us- a great challenge for the parents of a little one with speech and communication impediments. His progress is certainly an upward graph and we are confident that with Silver Lining’s help he will only do better with time. A big thank you to Silver Lining! Kind Regards, Ameya & Tanvi Grateful parents of a smart young man!

Parent of our Student

My son has been attending silver lining school for the last 4 months. I am very happy with Roshni's approach towards him. The therapist who has been working with him is extremely efficient and hardworking. She puts her heart and soul into working with him. His sitting tolerance and vocabulary have significantly improved after coming to this center. It is a very structured and pleasant set up wherein I feel very confident and rest assured that my child is in safe hands. The staff working here are all very friendly and loving. They are always smiling and are always ready to answer my questions. The cleanliness and hygiene of this place are also up to the mark. So to end it I have had a very pleasant experience here and just hoping for my child to show remarkable progress.

Parent of our Student

We admitted our 1.5 yr old son to Silver Lining Center after he showed significant delays in some communication milestones such as pointing, having single words, imitation and give and take. We had researched ABA therapy and Silver Lining was one of the few centers in the city offering this therapy. After discussing with Roshni, she offered us a detailed plan of action along with continuous monitoring of our son’s progress and how well he is achieving the goals set out in the plan. We love the center, its facilities and the dedicated therapists from the get-go. Roshni’s dedication is outstanding and she is always available to address any concerns or offer us help and advice. Its been almost six months now and our son has shown significant development in overcoming his communication deficits. He is an active, expressive toddler and most importantly he likes his therapy sessions a lot. We have seen only an upward graph since joining and are confident about the future. We highly recommend Silver Lining Center to all parents.

Parent of our Student

Besides other therapies i.e. physiotherapy, speech therapy, occupational therapy elsewhere; I decided to explore ABA at Silver Lining for my kid who is 4 and a half years old . She attended it for a month and has shown fair progress in most of the concerns I had addressed to Roshini at the beginning of the program.

Shalini Padhi

Silver Lining Center has given our daughter a new beginning in her life. She has settled in well at Silver Lining, with the perseverance and support of therapists.

She is able to get all the therapy required for her development under one roof. OT, ABA, ST, EAT.

More importantly, it is in a spacious, clean and safe environment.

Shalini Padhi

Silver Lining Center has knowledgeable and well-trained therapists. The therapists are brilliant at understanding child needs and development requirements.

Top to down management is fantastic which has given the Center flexibility and sustainability. Keep up the good work guys.

Thank you.

Mrs Lakshmi Prabhu
My made my son join Silver Lining Center for a month. It has been quite a good experience to learn how to motivate kids and apply techniques in daily basis to achieve the tasks. Now after a month I could see much improvements in his behaviour. I could see growth in visual performance, requesting and spontaneous talking. He is now able to recognise and label people like his grandparents and also asking for things that he wants.
Im very happy to join him in Silver Lining Center for ABA Therapy. Thanks to all the therapists for grooming Mahanth to achieve his task and we would miss you all.