February 19, 2018

Our Team


Clinical Psychologist and Behavior Specialist
Mrs Roshni is the Founder and Director of Silver Lining Center. She is a Clinical Psychologist, Behavior Specialist, Autism Expert, ABA Therapist and a Corporate Psychologist. She is currently pursuing BCBA (Board Certified Behavior Analyst) from Florida Institute of Technology. She is also a Certified Dance and Movement Therapist and is associated with renowned and prestigious organisations as a Mental Health Consultant. Having a proven ability to provide therapeutic assistance to children and adults, she strives to believe that ’ There is hope behind every mind.' She has also conducted various courses, trainings and workshops for professionals and parents, sharing her knowledge to a wide range of people. She envisioned an ABA based special school for children with learning difficulties and developmental delays, and works to empower them and their families through her brain child - Silver Lining Center.

Mrs Anjali Tandel

Administrative Manager
Mrs Anjali is the Administrative Manager of Silver Lining. She has received education from Gujrat University Board. She shifted to Mumbai in 2011 and started her career in the Administrative Department. In 2017, she joined Silver Lining as the Administrative Manager. Her efficiency and hard work truly reflects in all the work she does.

Yugandhara Gupte

Speech Therapist
Ms. Yugandhara Gupte has completed her Bachelors in communicative disorders (Speech Language Pathology). She graduated in 2016 May, from California State University. Worked as a vocational job coach in the final year getting a hands on experience with the intellectually disabled between the age groups of 17-28, for about a year. After graduation she worked as an ABA therapist for about 1 year. Worked as a speech therapist after coming to back to India. She loves using speech with ABA, and strongly believes that it enhances learning and helps in behavioral intervention. She also believes that we need to become a kid when working with one and understanding them.

Mrs Megha Hambire

ABA Practitioner
Mrs Megha has completed her B.A.Bed in Special Needs. She has worked as a Teacher in 2 most reputed schools over the past 5 years and has been an Autism Practitioner in one of the Organisations in Maharashtra. She has received prior experience in working with children under the spectrum and is truly devoted to enhance their well- being at Silver Lining Center. Her hardwork and determination shows in every child she works with.

Dr Prakash Kathe

Occupational Therapist
Dr. Prakash has completed his Bachelor in Occupational Therapy from Seth G.S.Medical College, Mumbai University and Master in Occupational Therapy (Paediatrics) from SRM College of Occupational Therapy, SRM University, Chennai. He has experience in working with children at B.J.Wadia Hospital for Children, Parel, Mumbai for 5 years. In 2018, he joined Silver Lining Center as Occupational Therapist and has been working with children diagnosed ASD, ADHD, Learning Disability and Cerebral Palsy.

Ms. Nirali Mehta

Ms. Nirali Mehta is a Counselling Psychologist. She completed her bachelor's degree in Psychology (B.A. Hon) from M.S. University, Baroda in Gujarat. Thereafter, she completed her Post Graduation from University of Mumbai, Kalina where she specialized in Counselling. She has a prior experience working with special needs children who had ADHD, Non Verbal and Sensory issues. She is also acquainted with aptitude testing and other psychometric testing. She has done a certified course on Rorschach test. She believes that a child is like clay, if they are moulded and shaped rightly ,it can create a masterpiece.

Ms. Radhika Mapara

Ms. Radhika Mapara has completed her bachelors in Psychology from SNDT college Churchgate. She has completed her MSc. Clinical Psychology from CMR University Bangalore. As a part of her masters degree she has worked as a counsellor in Mayurpankh Counselling Centre, where she has worked with learning disabled children and also with adults, she also went to schools in mumbai for counselling students. She has worked as an Intern in Resilience Minds Trust School for special children in Bangalore where she worked under a behavioral therapist and Clinical Psychologist.

Ms. Forum Jogi

Ms. Forum Jogi has completed BA in Psychology from Nagindas Khandwala College (Malad) and Master’s in Psychology from Mithibai College (Vile Parle) and have also done 3 years advanced diploma course in Child Care and Development from Nagindas Khandwala College. She have taken 5 lectures in St. Joseph high school at Malad. She is very creative, hardworking and bonds well with children.


Ms. Krishna has completed her Master's of Science in Psychology from KLE'S Jawaharlal Nehru Medical College, Belagavi, Karnataka. She has done a certificate course on Lay Counselling from KLE's Lingaraj College, Belagavi. She has also delivered a guest lecture at Honeywell International School, Belagavi. As a part of her Post-graduation she has done a dissertation on "Occupational Stress among male and female employees of banking sector". She has worked as an intern at KLE's Prabhakar Kore Hospital and MRC, Belagavi under experienced psychiatrists.