May 22, 2018

Employees Testimonials

Janhvi Doshi
I am a counselor in making and had opted for internship at Silver lining center for ABA therapy. My experience here as been a well guided and extremely informative one. My primary objective for the internship was to observe the therapists in action with the children and based on the deductions and parent interviews make their case history.
I also got a chance to gather hands on experience at handling children with ASD, and because every child is not the same, I've observed a wide variety of cases. This therapy is extremely intense and requires a lot of hardwork and I have recieved unending support from the entire staff. Big thank you to all of the therapists!
Lastly, a special thank you to Mrs. Roshni Bhagnani for being so warm and welcoming during my internship.
Reon Michael

I am really grateful to work as an intern in this place, as it has given me many learning opportunities as well has experiences that would help me in the future. Silver lining center is an ABA based center but it is open-minded enough to invite any therapy as well as ideas that can help kids improve their livelihood. There is a lot to learn in an ABA therapy, at first when you glance at it, the therapy seems simple but its only when you get down the ‘rabbit hole’ you will find that there is a lot more to uncover. Silver lining center’s staff has really been a great help and have shared their experiences to make me understand more about this field. Seeing the entire therapist’s passion for helping kids really gives silver lining a better future. The center’s director Mrs. Roshni Bhagnani has also helped in various way and is open to help the interns with various doubts. It is really impressive to see the improvement of the kids at the center and being a part of this positive change.

I hope to get in touch with Silver lining center in the future.

Twinkle Savla

I’m an undergraduate student. For academics, we had to do an Internship. I’m really fortunate to get an internship at Silver Lining Centre. In India, there are only a few ABA-based centers. This center besides ABA Therapy, it also focuses on various therapies for children and adults. In my internship period While, I realized every kid has a different personality and ways of treatment accordingly. It was really an eye-opener. It has enhanced my patience level and creative skills. The Trainer’s are really helpful and friendly. Thanks to Roshni Ma’am for giving me such an opportunity to learn. And correcting my mistakes and helping me throughout the internship.

Nishi Goradia

Silver Lining Center in a great center to learn about ABA therapy. They give you hands-on experience and knowledge about the therapy. My experience here as an intern has been great. Mrs. Roshni Bhagnani has immense knowledge about ABA therapy and I am grateful that I got a chance to work under her. The full-time therapists working at the center are very efficient and they patiently make you understand the concepts of ABA. The staff is friendly and kind. My overall experience has been great and I have learned a lot from this center. I have got a new perspective on how to deal with children. The training that the center provides is really good as the founder herself evaluates you on the basis on the session taken after which positive and constructive feedbacks are given. I am grateful that I was given this opportunity.

Overall, I have learned a lot from this internship. I have learned how to engage with the child, how to keep them motivated, how to be clear and crisp in my communication with the child. The most important thing I have learned about is behavior modification. Many children with Autism have specific behaviors which hinder them in their day to day lives. Our job is to modify inappropriate behaviors into appropriate.

Radhika J. Mapara

My overall experience in Silver Lining Center was good. I had a great opportunity interacting with the children independently and by observing the sessions for each child I understood that behavior therapy at an early age is very important for the children to get the behavior in control. The therapists here are approachable and helped me out in understanding how to handle kids. Interning here was enjoyable and the environment here is very good as the head here would clarify my doubts whenever needed. I also had a hands-on experience working with the Autistic children here. I learned quite a lot about what ABA Therapy is all about.

Girija More

I worked in the Silver Lining Centre as an intern for a month. I appreciate the centre for keeping an internship program and providing an opportunity to students for a practical viewpoint. The work experience was pretty good. An individual gets to learn about various ABA techniques and protocols. There was a good amount of interaction with children. As you learn in-depth about various behaviors, your viewpoint towards children is changed and becomes more analytical. The staff here is very supportive and provide a good guidance throughout your time. Never in my 1 month period of work have I ever been uncomfortable with the staff. My interaction with children has improved to great extent and so has my patience. Therapists here are very hardworking and dedicated. They are also informative and you get to learn a lot of the concepts from them. Overall the experience here was knowledgeable and pretty delightful.

Aksha Muthalia

Doing my internship at ABA based Silver Lining Centre has been overall a good experience. The staff and therapists are particularly very helpful and friendly. As a first internship and first time working in actual work setting has been a thrilling experience. Observing the practical application gives a new profound understanding of the theory.  The work setting is very calm and welcoming. Getting the opportunity to work with children belonging to Autism Spectrum Disorder and other disorders and get hands on experience under the guidance of knowledgeable therapist will surely be helpful for my future studies. I learned how to make case studies and present them. I got information about various disorders which has helped widen my knowledge base. Lastly, I would like to thank Mrs.Roshni Bhagnani for giving us this opportunity.